Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OMG Where is your...?

Let me first set the scene...

I am trying to clean my house today because I have people coming over later and I want my house to look perfect.  Why?  I don't know being that these are mommy friends who probably have houses that look just like mine but, whatever, I am in DefCon 3 cleaning mode.

I recently changed OMG, because we still haven't gotten the hang of that whole potty training thing.  We, also haven't gotten the hang of the whole getting rid of the bottle thing, but let's save that for another post.  So, I just changed OMG into a new diaper, I am running out of diapers by the way and you'll see why in a minute.

There I am cleaning away, I have gotten my whole upstairs cleaned.  Dusted, vacuumed the whole thing.  I am so proud of myself.  No more half empty water cups hanging out by the bunk beds in the girl's room.  Dog hair all gone.  This is big.  I am now working downstairs.  I had about a million blocks to clean up.  I do not exaggerate here.  I literally had enough blocks on my floor to build the Eiffel Tower.  Well, down comes OMG in her very long shirt dress and decides she wants a cookie.  OMG knows how to open baby locks like Houdini.  Nothing can come between this child and her cookies, believe me!  We have a 130 pound dog that looks like it might eat your face off she looks at her like if you come between me and this cookie I will take you down!  So, while I am putting the Eiffel Tower into block bags tiny Houdini gets herself a cookie and walks her little self into the play room.  Ok not the best choice for a snack but she had lunch so I am ok with it. She  walks all around eats the half the cookie feeds half to said monster dog and everyone is happy.  Or so I think...

She then decides she wants a pretzel, she's two and apparently has become an human vacuum.  Fine one pretzel.  Hand it off.  She runs back to the play room.  In I go I am totally going to finish cleaning now!  When...wait a minute...OMG has no diaper on!!!  WTH!  Nope she is just hanging out in the open lounging back chopping on a pretzel without a care in the world.  Now, let's go back to the beginning where I said she ISN'T potty trained!  So now I have to run around the house in search of the offending diaper because she took it off herself!

This is cute, if it happened once.  But, OMG takes her diaper off when it suits her, which is about every 10-15 minutes lately.  I am going through diapers like water.  Although at least this time it was dry, unlike the time she pooped and came running.  Oh, and to add insult to injury on that one we couldn't find the poop.  Yeah.  No.  I get it.  You heard me right we couldn't find the poop.  There was poop on the heiney but an empty diaper.  Anyone want to take a guess at that one?  Yeah me neither.  Although I think the monster dog may have been involved.  Ok, I am off to work on cleaning and perhaps a little potty training?

Have a sparkly day,

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